Hello world!

I’m presenting in just under two hours at V2, an entrepreneurship event. I presented yesterday. I am presenting tomorrow at Blogworld.

(in case the attendees check out my blog during the presentation, since the idea is inspired from this blog, please note the idea is rocking. The idea is needed)

I’m just not really a public speaker that seeks out opportunities. So to do it thrice in a week is intense. And I know it is uncool to admit that you’re nervous, but I am. So I’m blogging and I have a sudden urge to cook and clean, which my husband would confirm is definitely out of the ordinary these days.

I always talk through the nerves. What are you nervous about Natalie? That I’ll look stupid and people will judge me and no one will be my friend anymore and life will cease to exist as I know it. Alright, well back off that ledge. Listen to some music. Drink a hot cocoa. But not caffiene. Never caffiene before a presentation. Worst idea ever.

I’m not too nervous about BlogWorld. I’m passionate about the topic and in social media events I feel like I am presenting among friends. But tonight? Tonight is on a stage and I’m wearing a suit. I know my idea is rocking, I know my business plan is solid, but nerves abound.

And last night, when I started presenting in my capstone class — two girls in the back started giggling. And look, my sane mind knows that they were totally not paying attention to me, and they were laughing at a joke. But my irrational mind? That side of the brain thinks that surely I was saying something stupid.

Writing always calms my nerves. My notebooks in class are full of short stories about random things to distract me. So here I am world.

Another thing easing the nerves? I’m done with school in 5.5 weeks. So even if I look like a fool, fall on my face and no one likes my idea (except my professor who said it was the best — print that out and put it up on the fridge I did), well, peace out San Diego.

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